Belajar SEO PageRank

Belajar SEO kind of very challenging task and one most important thing is we have to be more patient. Why do i mention about patient? Because you needs a patient to develop your backlink that pointing to your site. Building up a link is not as easy in SEO because if we simply create link to a site, it become a big disaster to your site if the site that you are linked to are the porno website. So happen then? Your site will not be listed as a good and quality website. So how do we create backlink? Here is the general rules.

1. Topic - Make sure we are linking to a site that has same topic or niche with our site

2. Attribute - Make sure we are linking to a site that give us Do follow attribute instead of No Follow.

3. PR- If you can get high PR or greater than PR 3 for the link, that will be a bonus.

Happy Trying and Belajar SEO again in here.
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