Alicia Keys Married With Swiss Beatz

Finally, singer song If Is not Got You, Alicia Keys got married with her fiance, Swizz Beatz on Saturday (31 / 7) local time. Unlike the previously rumored, the wedding ceremony with Swizz Beatz Alicia Keys this time only take place in a villa in the Mediterranean archipelago.

Although the wedding reception Alicia Keys with Swizz Beatz is reportedly not as fancy as before, but in Alicia Keys' wedding which took place at a villa in the Mediterranean archipelago was still going on quite solemn and private.

At that time, both seem very happy when it took the oath in front of the priest and guests. How unhappy, articles in the next three months the first child along with Swizz Alicia was going out of the womb of Alicia Keys.

According to information, when a reception is Alicia Keys who was wearing a beautiful white dress and holding a Vera Wang design lily series really looks very elegant and beautiful. No less, the groom, Swizz Beatz is wearing a tuxedo jacket Tom Ford also plans look very handsome and cool.

Although the wedding ceremony and Swizz Beatz Alicia Keys' far from rah-rah and the impression bermewah luxury, but Alicia Keys is very happy because the claim has been officially married lover who has memacarinya since late spring of 2008 ago.
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