Yamaha Bison

Yamaha Bison, a Yamaha Motor New in 2010 a very interesting and full of charm also users of Yamaha brand motorcycles in the ground water and also the world at large. It looks, price, specification Yamaha Bison so right as the fans of Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles are mencarai that look and fit for their interests and have a very stunning appearance.

Yamaha Bison Specifications Price  you can see and read to better understand and know the advantages - the benefits of Yamaha's Bison. It is true in the technical specifications under the Bison FZ160 Yamaha V-Ixion. Bison Power FZ160 just 14hp and torque 13.6nm just compare with V-Ixion reaching 16hp and torque that reaches 14.5 nm technology also carried away, the V-Ixion already Injection SOHC and have been using

Appearances FZ160 able to defeat the specifications and performance V-Ixion
Ok, in terms of appearance FZ160 certainly look more ferocious. The reason is the base model used is the Yamaha FZ6 and FZ1 streetfighter who is true. And as usual here appearance is everything else, like a soap opera in which artists are also looking appearance is more important than acting ability.
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