Google Index Problem

Google Index Problem, My major finding is that it is Blogger's internal bot that is failing to index the pages instantly not the Google Bot. If you wait for 1 or 2 days your pages will be indexed by Google Bot, but still your posts will not appear in the Goolge Blog Search API they will appear only in Google Web Search. As a result even Google bot indexes your new posts, still your new posts will not attract much traffic because they are not available for the Blogger Search API.

Google Index Problem, I have verified all my 47 pages indexed by Google bot and for all of them the Catche link is available but the Catche page is missing. I guess this is because it is assuming that Blogger has already stored the page but since the blogger failed to index our pages the Catche pages are not available. In the last couple of days the same issue was reported in many threads and they even provided the links to their posts. I could see that some of their pages are indexed by Google Bot after they reported the issue, but the Catche page is not available for these pages as well and also these pages are not appearing in the Blogger Search API results.

Also I did time line search using "Last 24hours" option in Google using the search string "anykeyword" and verified many blogs and found that there are many blogs affected by this issue, but not all.

Those who want to verify weather your posts are indexed by Blogger internal Bot or not they can visit the AJAX PLAYGROUND at
and see weather your new posts are being fetched by the Blogger Search API.

I think in the next few days this forum will be flooded with similar issues as many bloggers will notice their traffic reaching ground zero and only Google Employees can answer why Blogger Stopped indexing the posts instantly since 19-Oct-2010 for many blogs.

Please let me know how can we inform this issue to the Google Employees.
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