Meteor Shower November 17 is Leonid

Leonid meteor shower will peak on Thursday. However, on that day is expected that the moon shone bright and obscure fireworks.

The most famous Leonid meteor shower is at 1998-2002. At that time, this meteor shower can be seen clearly. "This year, the moon will be less full and meteor showers occur on November 18 (others countries say meteor shower november 17) . Unfortunately, this event will be closed by the moon "said the director of the Science Popularisation Association of Communications and Educators (SPACE).

Devgun say, sky watchers can go into a dark area away from city lights, and tried to look directly into the sky before dawn. Meteor is commonly called a shooting star.

Shooting stars can be seen every night, but if the star fall a lot then it is called a meteor shower. Meteor shower occurs when the Earth crossed the comet's orbit. When a comet moving in its orbit, the comet to leave the dust and rocky material.

Leonid came from a comet called Tempel-Tuttle, which makes the path like a lasso around the sun every 33 years. This comet gets its name from its location in the constellation Leo.
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