Aurora Capitulo 49 50 51

After Aurora Capitulo 46 47 and Aurora Capitulo 48 let's watch ver Aurora cap 49, 50 and Aurora capitulo 51 Episodio Jueves Telenovela stories are usually not far away from stories about love, like our life has always been characterized by love. So also with Aurora telenovela or Aurora Telemundo that aired every day from Monday to Friday at Telemundo. This Spanish-language telenovela also tells the love story of Aurora and Lorenzo.

Total episodes of this telenovela is 130, but now seems just entering Aurora Capitulo 49. I do not follow episode by episode, so I only know the whole story of telenovela Aurora.

Aurora, a 20-year-old girl, with her friend Natalia and Vanessa went to a bar one night, and met Lorenzo, Lorenzo and Aurora fell in love. But Natalia who was also in love with Lorenzo does not like this, so by she tries to separate Aurora and Lorenzo in many ways. The story becomes more complicated because Aurora pregnant Lorenzo's child, then she got sick after giving birth and died. But by his father, Aurora entered into a capsule, and the story continues 20 years later. Hmmm ... what happened 20 years later? I think you need to follow the episodes of this telenovela.
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    On January 13, 2011 at 1:52 AM Anonymous said...

    No your so off.
    Aurora went to school of the arts and was best friends with natalia and vannessa.Vanessa actualy envided Aurora becaues she was sweet,loved and beautiful.Aurora and Vanessa are both rich and nathalia is not and goes to school of the arts on a scholarship. one night the decide to go to a night club in nathalia town (lower class) and thee 3 girls go and there they meet lorenzo a cute dancer. he sees Aurora and falls i love with her. Vanessa is jealous nathalia is in love with lorenzo but she care about Aurora and wants them to be happy. they dance all night he tells Aurora he wants to see her again and the end up meeting the folowing night at the dance studio lorenzo works at. he tells her he has a son Martin. they dance in the rain and fall in love. Vanessa is angered by this. But Aurora's parents want her to marry anther rich aquientences son. she hates him. she lies to lorenzo and tells him shes poor. since he is not as rich as her. her parent throw her a party were she was going to declare her love for lorenzo but the boy that her parents want her to marry kisses her and lorenzo sees and is crushed vanessa invited him purposely so he would know aurora was not poor. she runs after him but hee wants nothing to do with her she ater getss pregnant with his child buut he never knows this becaues when her parents find out they move her awat farway from lorenzo and say its for her good. she has a babygirl, Blanca. she soon get sick and in her death bed calls lorenzo and tells him she love him forever even after death. her father frezzes her and trys to find the cure for her sickness

    lorenzo never find out he has a daughter with aurora. and blanca thinks aurora is her sister and that her grand parents are her parents. lorenzo marries nathalia, vanessa becomes famous. auroras cure has been found. her father rivives her but not with her true identity and says she auroras daugther lorenzos son martin falls in love with aurora (thinking its her duagther) an she falls out of love with lorenzo and in love with his son. she is hurt to find out her love married her best friend and that her best friend onced had an affair with her father gustavo ponce de leon. but wants to come back as Aurora Ponce de Leon to recuppurate her daugther blanca. so she does but is crazed by the fame love and everything and does not know what to do.

    On February 9, 2011 at 8:14 AM Anonymous said...

    I dontlike waching audora soap opera
    you know many childrens are in homes or a houses please change the soap opera audora princess of ice nobory cant live in ice
    okey please change the soap opera audora
    idont understand about the soap opera audora change something else please idont like it okey


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