Kamen Rider OOO 17 Eng Sub

Kamen Rider OOO 17 Eng Sub: This is scan of Date … the first Birth user also known as R5 in Tomica Hero Rescue Force( Hiroaki Iwanaga)…He looks so mature in this scan ….because of the beard..hahaha

Hiroaki Iwanaga will play as the guy named Date who will appear in Kamen Rider OOO Episode 17 and 18, which will be about Uva’s Yummy that spawns from a kendo girl called Rie. He claims that he’ll take all Cell Medals which angers Ankh.

The confirmation was made via the leaked Kamen Rider OOO episode summaries stating that Kamen Rider Birth will debut either in Episode 17 or 18.

This is the scan of Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDoru combo!!!

Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDoru Combo, consisting of Taka (Hawk), Kujaku (Peacock), Condor Core Medals.. On the right is a blurred version of the suit while on the right is the rough concept sketch of the suit. Since it is rumored that OOO TaJaDoru during Movie Wars CORE, this could be a mid-season power-up, similar to Kamen Rider W’s Fang Joker.
Will be debut in Movie War Core

Here’s OOO Tajadoru Spinner, aside from a rumored bowgun ,this will be one of OOO weapons.In TaJaDoru Spinner ..OOO can put 7 core medal (in the picture) maybe to activate powerful power or powerful finisher …still dont know yet…..

the full image … form of TaJaDoru…
TaJaDoru Kick!!!

We cant see the true Ankh look……..

This is scan of ShaUTa …. random combo … scan of ShaUTa combo i dont have yet…
ShaUTa Combo, consisting of Shachi (Orca), Unagi (Eel), Tako (Octopus) Core Medals. Gee, it kinda reminded of Mezool’s fish head to be honest. It is rumored that this combo will give OOOs four legs… if he will do his Scanning Charge like the Batta legs in the Tatoba Combo finisher.
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