Season of the Witch Movie Trailer

As usual every December, crowded cinemas to people, because the Moon Desembar many new film releases, and coincide with the holiday. If you do not have time to movies, events can also watch movies made on television channel, or watch it on internet sites that provide these facilities.

Season of the Witch which will be released in early 2011 and immediately present at box office. Season of the Witch is an action adventure movie is a supernatural thriller directed by Dominic Sena and starring Nicolas cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Claire Fay, and Ulrich Thomsen.

Film Season of The Witch is an adventure movie magic nuanced both Nicolas Cage, as we saw earlier Nicolas played in the movie Sorcerer Apprentice who is also the genre of modern magic. This time Nicolas act as a hero who fought against the darkness, where there is a magic power that must be destroyed. Despite the cliché story like this have often we hear and see, but watch Season of the Witch Movie Trailer will find something new, because this movie straight-to-DVD special effects and do not miss the funny dialogues.

Nicolas Cage played a character named Behmen hero who returns to his hometown after many years involved in the fighting crusade. But what he encountered when he got back home this is the beginning of a horrible heroic adventure. hometown turns out is having an outbreak, ie Black Plague caused by the power of magic. According to the church elders, outbreak was caused by a young woman who is believed to be a witch. Behmen with five people who went with him to do an adventure to face the woman who is considered the witch.

How Behmen adventures with his friends? What will happen to Behmen and his friends? Please watch the film Season of the Witch who will be coming soon, and before that can read a review of this film.
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