Chinese New Year

Splendor of the Chinese or Lunar New Year which is a feast for the ethnic Chinese can we see everywhere, every store that sells knick-knacks for the celebration of Chinese New Year may we meet in various places, colorful and festive décor typical to welcome the Lunar Year of Rabbit in 2011 already installed, plus the lion dance and fireworks that has become a tradition of the Chinese community in welcoming the Chinese New Year Celebration in the land of China.

Ethnic Chinese will celebrate Chinese New Year has done a variety of preparations to welcome the holiday that they wait and be a moment of the day the whole family meeting once a year. Chinese society will perform prayer while to say a prayer for sustenance given the ease, longevity, and many children.

Similar to the celebration of Eid Day, the Chinese community even during Lunar New Year will make an apology to parents. Just the Lunar New Year is a tradition where parents in addition to forgiveness, will also give a red envelope containing angpau (money given) that have meaning happiness. Lunar New Year is a new season full of hope that occur each year. Lunar New Year menu is also different from the daily menu, there are special menus typical Lunar like waxed duck, beef jerky sweet pastries as well, and flower beds.

There are habits of Chinese people who performed on the Chinese New Year dinner together with family. Lunar New Year falls on February 3, and a sign of the commencement of rabbits according to the Chinese calendar.

In Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong on Thursday will be held a parade with the theme "World Cities, World Party," with 23 groups of spectacular international and local performances. This parade will attract around 100,000 visitors.
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