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Telenovela that has always awaited it's presence and many fans besides Triunfo Del Amor, that Teresa. , starring Angelique Boyer who plays Teresa, Aaron Diaz as Mariano, Ana Brenda, Sebastian Rulli, and other stars. Telenovela story often makes the audience carried on emotion, if the story was sometimes sad spectators wept. Likewise, if the story delighted the audience had come to feel happy.

On Teresa Capitulo 135 told that when Fernando (Daniel Arenas) kissed Teresa (Angelique Boyer), coincidentally it accidentally viewed by Johnny (Luis Fernando Peña), so that Johnny felt that Teresa has betrayed the Arturo (Sebastián Rulli). The incident was immediately reported to Johnny on Mariano (Aaron Diaz).

Teresa was a poor woman who's ambitious and greedy. she will perform a variety of ways to get everything she wanted, even if she must do lie and do things that are not good. Teresa wanted out of life is poor and trying to get everything in order to achieve her ambition. Teresa is beautiful and clever tempting, so many men who fall in love with her. But Teresa did not have feelings, she always hurt the people who loved her. Like Mariano, he's willing to do anything for the sake of his beloved Teresa, while Teresa just toying Mariano feelings.

Well, we will soon witness a continuation telenovela Teresa Capitulo 135, either through television channels and online, Teresa Capitulo 135 Online, Teresa Capitulo 136 Online.

Para hacer la historia sigue siendo emocionante e intrigante de todos nosotros, aquí no es que le digan comentarios Teresa Capitulo 136. mediante porque, no te pierdas el calendario de difusión, felicitaciones a ver! Como el resto de la historia? ¿Qué pasará con Teresa? ¿Se habrá arrepentido Cutberto de casarse con Juana?
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