Teresa Capitulo 140

Teresa, soap operas are also highly awaited its presence, and many fans, Telenovela Teresa with an interesting story and also stars no less fascinating than the Triunfo Del Amor telenovela star.

Summary of plot telenovela Teresa Capitulo 139, Fernando has been trapped by the charm of beauty Teresa (Angelique Boyer), so Fernando fell in love with Teresa and will leave Luisa (Fernanda Castillo), his lover. Fernando (Daniel Arenas) has said it is on Oriana (Raquel Olmedo) and Fernanro not be married to Luisa (Fernanda Castillo) and have canceled their wedding plans. Hearing confessions Fernando, of course Oriana very surprised and angry with Fernando.

Fernando did not realize that the real Teresa never loved him, he just manipulated and tricked by Teresa, Teresa needed not love Fernando, but money. Moreover, Arturo (Sebastián Rulli) looking for his sister, Luisa, because they already know that Fernando had foiled their wedding plans.

¿Es Fernando confiesa a Luisa que ella se ha enamorado de Teresa? ¿Qué se hará por Arturo? ¿Cómo funciona esta telenovela la historia completa, no se pierda Teresa Capitulo 140 que pronto saldrá al aire esta noche!
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