Young Justice Episode 7 Denial

We will soon witness the drama teens, Young Justice Episode 7 airs a new episode titled "Denial" dated February 18, 2011 this Friday at 7 PM on CN. Young Justice Episode 7 Denial is the story of super heroes in the struggle against witchcraft.

In Young Justice Episode 7 tells Young Justice conducted an investigation related to the loss of Kent Nelson, the former Dr. Fate. Mission to save the Helmet of Fate should be done with the fight against Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy. In fact, Kid Flash, do not believe in the power of magic. But in fact it must deal with magic.

Kid Flash was forced to lay skepticism about witchcraft, for the sake of success in this mission. The mission that relate to magic and Doctor Fate, particularly his helmet. Doctor Fate helmet had been stolen by Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy. They both do have a magic that is used to commit a crime. So the task of super heroes to suppress the crimes committed are both witches.

How the story of Young Justice Episode 7 Denial? What the super hero, Young Justice, to defeat the witch? Do not forget to watch super hero series Young Justice Episode 7 which will be aired this! If you missed previous episodes, Young Justice Episode 6, could you watch his video impressions that can be downloaded on the internet that provide this service!
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