Burma Quake

Grief is not over, the tears have not dried. After the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan that killed tens of thousands of people, Burma is now experiencing an earthquake on Thursday night and reported 75 people dead, hundreds injured, and destroyed hundreds of buildings.

An earthquake measuring 6.8 SR in northeast Burma, based in the northern town of Tachileik, Burma's border with Thailannd. Tremors felt also in the capital of Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand, and parts of China. The earthquake has made ​​people panic and do not dare stay home, they chose to stay outside the house for fear of aftershocks occurred.

No tsunami warning after Burma Quake, but a sense of worry and fear of impending aftershocks citizens, making them leave the house. Hopefully the disaster quickly ended and no more bad news next. For Japan and Burma, may quickly recovered and separated from all disasters. My hope and prayer is always accompanied.
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