Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11

Jersey Shore is an American reality television series which premiered on MTV. Jersey Shore Season 3 without the presence of Angelina Pivarnick and was replaced by Deena Nicole Cortese. The series follows the lives of eight housematess of spending their summer on the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11 spoilers are out for the Thursday, March 10th episode called "GTF - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi's Texting." In the last episode, we are told about the peace Sammi with Ronnie and Sammi returned to the Shore house, after the problems that occur between them. Where an argument has occurred, Ronnie had damaged belongings Sammi. Sammi had left the Shore house and Ronnie depressed.

In this episode tells of Sammi and Ronnie problem occurred again on the Shore house. They involved a great fight since they came back together at the Shore house. The arrival of an old friend named Arvin from home reveals Sammi's been texting him and he said about their meeting plans. Arvin also shows Mike and JWoWW the texts from Sammi. Knowing this, Snooki indirect trust, Snooki act cautiously, for fear if this will cause problems. Snooki want to know the truth then Snooki confronts Sammi about it. Another case to that done by Mike, Mike clues Ronnie in on some of Sammi's suspicious behavior, then Mike takes it a step further by alerting Ronnie to the texts, thus causes he first major fight between Ronnie and Sammi since she returned to the Shore house. As a result of this incident, Mike The Situation re-earns his new nickname "The Snitchuation". Mike has been muddy at the Shore house atmosphere that is with a quarrel between Sammi and Ronnie, even though they had just peace and Sammi had returned to the Shore house.

While there things heat up between J-Woww and Roger when it appears he's (and perhaps another girl) trying to dodge JWoWW. However, Jenni isn't taking any excuses and quickly ends things with Roger. While Vinny and Pauly who plans to make the trip, Pauly and Vinny take a road trip to Staten Island, Vinny and Pauly hit the road for a quick trip to Vinny's stomping grounds to Staten Island. How the story more about Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11? Do not miss out, watch Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11 airs Thursdays on MTV at 10pm ET / PT.
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