Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 13

Television series that so many fans, one of which is the Jersey Shore. Even the series has been exported to other countries. Jersey Shore tells the story of the lives of eight young people who live in the same house to spend their summer at the Jersey Shore. Various problems arose between them and a unique and interesting story to watch.

Jersey Shore Season 3 will be coming to an end in episode 13. Really? Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 13 titled "At The End Of The Day" will airs on Thursday, March 24 2011. Of course the fans of this series do not want to miss to watch the last episode of Jersey Shore Season 3.

A little summary that we can get the episode this time, which at yesterday's episode still leaves the problems among the residents of the Shore house. Ronnie and Sammi is back in trouble in their relationship, which since Sammi back into the Shore house and fix the relationship with Ronnie, all of a sudden have to get a new problem with the advent of Arvin. According to Mike, Arvin relationship with Sammi suspicious. They are also involved in an argument again. According to Mike, their relationship suspicious. Ronnie and Sammi was involved in an argument again.

Summer which will end on season 3 episode 13 with all the unresolved issues, where there are couples who are in a crossroads in their relationship and there are also couples who establish a new relationship and officiate. Although there has been no confirmation about who was involved in a relationship, but the possibility of trouble between Sammi and Ronnie making their relationships in a crossroad and need time to make the right decision for the good of their relationship.

Jersey Shore fans who are very much in different countries, even in the millions, if you want to know the end of season 3, watch Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 13 airs on MTV on Thursdays at 10pm ET / PT.
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