Limitless Movie 2011

The latest action film will be released in March 2011 with the title of Limitless, directed by Neil Burger and featuring well-known stars, like Robert De Niro (as Carl Van Loon), Bradley Cooper (as Eddie Morra), Abbie Cornish (as Lindy) Anna Friel (as Melissa), Tomas Arana (Man in Tan Coat). Limitless is the American thriller film which was appointed on the basis of a novel by Alan Glynn "The Dark Fields."

Limitless is a science-fiction movie that tells about a man named Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is an unemployed writer, so that Eddy felt useless because he do not have a good future, he even broke up with her ​​girlfriend named Lindy (Abbie Cornish). Until one day, Eddie was introduced to the experimental drug NZT. Apparently Eddie successfully discovers a top-secret drug, MDT-48. The drug can enhances intellect and other Abilities. From then on, confidence grew back Eddie, where he has the ability to read, hear, and see, so Eddy be successful. But the success that he achieved also invite danger to himself, where there is someone who wants to manipulate him and also attracts hitmen who pursue him for the NZT. Eddie also wanted to return freely and escape from his problems, so he tried to escape from danger will eliminate him to get the MDT.

This film definitely be an interesting spectacle, if you are curious about the acting of the famous stars and to know the fate of Eddie in an effort to escape from people who want to exploit himselves and also from people who want the drug discovery results, we see Limitless Movie 2011!
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