Controversial The Kennedys Miniseries

A controversy planned miniseries which will air soon. 'The Kennedys' Miniseries that tells about the life of the Kennedy family is very influential and famous in America, of course with all the events and tragedies that they experienced. The Kennedy is sprinkled with famous stars, including: Greg Kinnear as John F. Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy, Barry Pepper as the Robert F. Kennedy, and Tom Wilkinson as Joseph P. Kennedy and directed by Jon Cassar.

Miniseries Kennedys, a controversial miniseries that invites debate, but after a fairly heated debate, although many networks refused to broadcast this miniseries, but eventually planned to premiere on ReelzChannel on April 3, 2011.

As we know, the Kennedy family is a family that has great influence in America, so that the miniseries based on the family life of the legendary and most powerful political figure in the 1960's it has invited many criticisms.

The Kennedys Miniseries plans will air in 8 parts on Sunday nights. How miniseries that tells the story of JFK's life is this? Are you interested to watch this miniseries? If you watch The Kennedys, you can give a comment about this miniseries.
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