La Viuda de Blanco Capitulo 129, 130

Story full of mystery, romance, conflict and tension we see in La Viuda de Blanco, Colombian telenovela. A beautiful woman is full compliance, despite having to absorb pain, was jailed for a crime she never committed, pain, and love, she is willing to do anything to get what she wants and most meaningful in her life, namely her children. Alicia Guardiola (Itatí Cantoral), mother of twin toddlers who are under the protection and maintenance of the paternal grandmother who respected and feared, Doña Perfecta Albarracín de Blanco (Zully Montero).

Alicia is a strange beautiful woman, who seeks her past, she is accused of killing Amador by Mrs. Perfecta Blanco. All the insults and bitterness of life had she feels, then when she was conditionally released for lack of evidence, which she did was go to Trinidad to find her son. while her son hated their mother, who considered a murderer. Alicia Guardiola returns to claim the twins, but Perfecta will not release her grandchildren without a fight. While Sebastián Blanco Albarracin (Francisco Gattorno) who found true love so it must confront a terrible thing.

Sebastian fascinated by Valeria and Valeria told Sebastian that she is willing to help his forget Alicia. but Sebastian could not stop thinking about Alicia. When Alicia came to the meeting with Amador Blanco (Martín Karpan), Sebastian was not out looking at her. Amador spoke to Doña Perfecta about the worries of their children.

¿Qué pasó en La Viuda de Blanco? ¿Qué se hará por Sebastián? Ver La Viuda de Blanco Capitulo 129.130!
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