Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 131

Ver Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 131 - El Triunfo Del Amor grand final - Hello guys how are you today ? im sure you are now so waiting for the last chapter of triunfo ? ok this is the last chapter of triunfo and i know you will never miss this chapter, after yesterday you read triunfo del amor capitulo 130 this is the last story :

The initial discomfort of the audience came when the actor gave a speech in which he spoke of the poverty of Veracruz, which many are not amused.

“For the first time I come here. When we were entering the city reminded me a lot to my country, my people where I lived 15 years of my life,” Cuban said 30 years, reported the radio program for women with all the journalist Maxine Woodside. “I’ve been in a city full of buildings, restaurants, well-dressed people, but does not compare with such humanity and such affection that I have given here. I am standing on end, you feel the love. ”

Then the star of the telenovela Triunfo del Amor capitulo 131 invited young people to follow suit to succeed.

“As these children had the dream to succeed, just like you grew up with the desire to succeed, to push forward my family, and tell them you can throw all the desires. ”

But what most bothered the Veracruz was knowing that the soap opera heartthrob, despite having received a large sum of money, did the traditional walk of the carnival did not want to give him the sun and after jumping on the bandwagon where he the parade, did not greet people and even a woman threw a beer can.

So that is the last story of triunfo, and i will so miss this telenovelas, i hope it will be the next telenovelas like this. im so love this telenovelas and im sure you are also. So guys see next time in another telenovelas story.
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