Coldplay New Song 2011

Coldplay New Song 2011. In a message on the website of the band, drummer Will Champion said. "We're about to play a lot of summer festivals so it is as good a time as any to put a new song" Every tear is a waterfall "is available digitally on Friday June 3 at 24:00 (CET), except in the United Kingdom, where will the midnight between Saturday 4 June 5 and Sunday.

Coldplay New Single 2011 - Every Tear is a Waterfall

The band has just announced the theme on its website this morning, will be streamed on its website and digitally released this Friday, June 3 (those in the UK can buy the next day). According to a statement from drummer Will Champion, the band plans to play the song in their festival appearance this summer, including Rock Festival this weekend Im Park in Nuremberg, Germany.

Lead singer Chris Martin recently told the BBC Radio 1 that the platinum-selling follow-up collective successful 2008 Viva la Vida or Death and all his friends were inspired by the band's brush with tragedy and personal services industry. Said the singer and pianist who plays on the disk in "love, addiction, OCD, exhaust and working for someone who does not like." Martin also described the project as a "veiled account of what happens within the group." The group is once again teaming up with Markus Dravs and Roxy Music legend Brian Eno, Viva producer for the project. The album currently has no release date. You can Download the new Coldplay song on 4 sharing or other sites. Thanks for your visit in my article. See yaaa.
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