Una mirada Impactante dentro de las Granjas Peleteras Chinas.

When undercover investigators made their way on fur farms in China, found that many animals are still alive and when workers luchandesesperadamente pull them back or hang them by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to shorten the hair and skin of the leg of an animal, members retuercen.Trabajadores free kick and step on the necks and heads of animals fighting demasiadodifícil to allow a clean cut.

When the skin is finally took over the heads of animals, their naked bodies are thrown into a bloody lot of them have precedido.Algunos are still alive, breathing in gasps and blinking slowly mixed. Some of the animals' hearts are still beating five to 10 minutes after their skin. One investigator recorded a skinned raccoon dog on the heap of carcasses who had enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare at the camera.
Antes de ser desollados vivos, los animales son sacados de sus jaulas y tirados al suelo; porra trabajadores con varillas de metal o slam en superficies duras, haciendo que los huesos rotos y convulsiones pero no siempre la muerte inmediata. Animales ver con impotencia como los trabajadores hacen su camino hacia abajo la fila.
Before being skinned alive, animals are removed from their cages and thrown to the ground, club workers with metal rods or slam on hard surfaces, causing broken bones and convulsions but not always immediate death. Animals watch helplessly as workers make their way down the row.

Undercover investigators from Swiss Animal Protection International / EAST toured fur farms in China's Hebei province, and quickly became clear why foreigners are banned from visiting. No penalties for abuse of animals in fur farms in China, farmers can house and slaughter animals however they see fit. The researchers found horrors beyond their worst imaginings and concluded, "Conditions on Chinese fur farms make a mockery of the most elementary standards of animal welfare. In their lives and their unspeakable deaths, these animals are denied even the most simple act of kindness. "

On these farms, foxes, minks, rabbits and other animals pace and shiver in outdoor wire cages open, exposed to rain, freezing nights, and at other times, scorching Sun Mother animals, who go crazy for rough handling and intense confinement and have nowhere to hide while giving birth, often kill their babies after delivering litters.

The globalization of the fur trade has made it impossible to know where fur products come from. China supplies more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States. Even if the label says a fur that was made in a European country, the animals were raised and slaughtered elsewhere probably, possibly in an unregulated Chinese fur farm.
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