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Samsung Galaxy yang mana ada beberapa jenis Samsung Galaxy tersebut, yaitu Samsung Galaxy S i900, Galaxy Spica dan juga Samsung Galaxy Q. Memang sekarang ini, para produsen Handphone dunia sedang berlomba - lomba memperebutkan pasar internasional Hp atau ponsell yang semakin ketat. Termasuk Samsung yang mengeluarkan beberapa Jenis Samsung Galaxy, yang bisa kita jadikan pilihan Hp yang akan kita gunakan.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000, untuk saat ini di Indonesia, namanya paling terkenal mengalahkan Samsung Galaxy lainnya. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 ini, memang sangat menarik dan juga berteknologi tinggi serat terlihat begitu ekskluisve dan mewah.

Samsung has launched their Android phone called the Galaxy S. Samsung also believe that the generation of smartphones in the future mobile phones in the hands touch screen mobile phone.

With an increasingly challenging market conditions and the dynamic moment, Samsung has the vision continues to innovate to remain at the forefront. Related to this is Samsung's new product Galaxy S became the spearhead of their vision.

According to industry estimates, the global smartphone sales will double by 2013. Composition, smart phones will include a quarter of all handset sales.

"Smartphone market in Indonesia to grow very rapidly. Why, because it brings many benefits to consumers, especially in Indonesia, where the share of smartphones rise dramatically," said Yoon-Soo Kim, Samsung Mobile Product Advisor, Media Workshop on Galaxy Samsung S , at Hotel Shangrila, Wednesday (28/07/2010).

Kim also explained that in order to enjoy a smartphone, is now stylenya touch screen. And this style soon became a trend in the future. "Style consumers will soon evolve," he added.

Currently QWERTY smartphones like the BlackBerry is still the trend. But according to Kim, consumers will soon select a mobile phone equipped with a 100 percent touch screen, let alone the big screen.

It is still plus the presence of Android as an open platform for all products. Related to this, Pambudi B. Sudirman Galaxy as brand manager for Samsung's S supplemented. "Samsung S Galaxy currently comes with a version of Android eclair, and can be updated to Froyo," he explained.

After a month ago, Samsung is rumored to be released mobile phones with designs and models of Blackberry, this time from the mobile phone details and specification of Q is reportedly named Galaxy, is leaking.

According to a newspaper published in South Korea, the Korean Times, Samsung is currently preparing to launch a cell phone with a design and a model similar to the Blackberry. Added another, by the name of Galaxy Q phone is planned to release later this year.

However, before the official release, a site named SamsungHub, as reported by Phonearena, quoted by CBN, managed to reveal in detail the specifications that may be pinned on Samsung Galaxy Q.

Smartphone planned by the vendor of the South Korean-made for fans of RIM BlackBerry, make Android 2.2 (Froyo) as its main operating system. Added again by the site, the plan will be pinned to the Galaxy Q Hummingbird powerful 1GHz processor.

Galaxy Q also supports GSM and 3G network, 3-inch screen size with the Super-tech multitouch capabilities with support for resolutions up AMOLED 720 x 480 pixels. Meanwhile, the phone also has two cameras, one behind the strength of 8MP which supports HD LED flash and video recording, a 1.3MP size at the front again.

In addition, because referring to the design of the Blackberry, the Galaxy Q ascertained pinned Qwerty keyboard, optical keypad and supplied also with the ability of qualified messaging features.

While for storage capacity, this Samsung handset has 16GB of internal memory and microSD slot that supports up to 32GB. Meanwhile, the battery used 1500mAh manifold possibilities.

The presence of Galaxy Q was expected by Samsung, the Blackberry can hook the fans, especially those who liked the phone with Qwerty keyboard type with strong messaging features.

Interesting is not it, so wait just reported the presence of Galaxy Q was first released by Samsung at the end of this year for the North American region.
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