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Video Keong Racun Sinta and Jojo telh menjadi salah satu Video yang sangat menghebohkan orang di dunia maya ini. Seperti apa sebenarnya Video Keong Racun yang dinyanyikan oleh Sinta dan Jojo tersebut? Tentu saja kita mesti melihat secara langsung Video Keong Racun Jojo And Sinta yang sepertinya cukup menarik bagi kita, dan saya juga jadi penasaran, seperti apa aksi dan gaya Sinta and Jojo Keong Racun itu.

Mari kita sama - sama melihat Video Keong Racun Sinta And Jojo di bawah ini. Mau Youtube Download atau hanya melihat, yah gratis alias free bro!

Setelah anda melihat Video Keong Racun Sinta dan Jojo, apa pendapat anda? Mengapa Video Keong Racun itu bisa menjadi trend di twitter?

Recently appeared in an amateur video video sharing site YouTube, which is played by two young college student from Bandung named Shinta and Jojo.

They are not top-class professional artists. But their names are being warmly discussed by people from the action of their lipsynch koplo sing dangdut number entitled conch Poison in the YouTube site.

Though they had time to remove the video was a few hours after they upload to the website YouTube in mid-June.

"My immediate confirmation well, me and Shinta maybe a little troubled by the sophistication of today's technology, video scared me and Shinta we diverted so strange things and hurt us. We also uploaded on youtube was just for our consumption and friends near to us all. I'm having fun up there personally fansclub for us, so taste real celebrities hahaha ... that's it's the reason our mind, so thanks for the praise of us, "said Jojo in a networking site Facebook.

However, due to interest people are going to the video was accompanied by a sense of curiosity, then finally re-uploaded the video. Apparently after uploaded, the video became one of the conch poison video hunted people and succeeded in attracting viewers to hundreds of thousands.

What makes this video more interesting to look at this? No not because others do not 'artists' who are in the video. Besides beauty, the two people in it even featured a dance that is considered funny and entertaining.

Who actually Sprott and Jojo's? Sinta is a girl who was very expressive with the ridiculous behavior. While Jojo (Jovita) many would have thought if he was a boy, when Jovita is a white girl, cute, and funny.

Not only are their videos are being hunted by the people at this time, the group began their Facebook fans invaded. Originally numbered only 200 fans, the group is now overrun by about 500 fans.

"Steady abis your style ..." Trisa praise Aqira interviewed, one Facebook user. Until Alan Alfian, one facebookers commented, "asked his FB dong jojo, jojo I ngefans bgt same."

Since they appear in the video, they went to the Oxbow bid. Some of the big record labels had offered them for recording as a singer. There is also a band singer Malays who want to wear them in video clips. And of course as an advertising model.

In fact, because of their appearance on the YouTube site lipsynch, until someone who intends to send them both in school vocal first.

The following piece of conch Poison song lyrics:

"The snail poison you, Just know er invites sleep, By no manners, you think I'm chicken, You touched me, you tease me, you dab myself, I'm so scared Uh, no pushes you pick a happy and happy.
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