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A new service provided again by Google, a new service is Google Real Time. What exactly is the Google Real Time is? We discussed a bit about the Google service given to us all, to provide maximum comfort and service from the Google Search Engine.

Since the signing of cooperation with Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace late last year, Google has integrated service into a database search engine that social networking service. Not only presents the search results based on keywords, but here too there is the timeline that marks when the message is written.

The new service has been available since last December as part of the experimental project. Now, Google has officially launch it as Google Realtime with its own address at / realtime.

"In this new page you will find an excellent tool to help you find search results that are more fitting and proper," said Dylan Casey, product manager at Google in Google's official blog. Most important feature is the timeline that presents the graph of all messages based on certain keywords sorted time.

Other features available are searches based on geographic location information updates so that it will present the most relevant search results closest to the user or the intended location. For example, when users will be traveling to Los Angeles in the summer, he can trace the first conversation or something that happened in the summer of last year so it can determine the proper preparation.

In addition, there is a chat feature that provides continuous conversation based on message sequence is created. With this feature, visitors can track the conversation from beginning to end, including anyone who is forwarding a message or do retweet.

"Finally, we also added an update content through Google Alerts, so make your choice easier to follow a warm topic. Now, you can create yourself a reminder as you wish and will notify via e-mail if the topic appears on Twitter or similar services," he said.

This kind of search has now become the target of all search engine providers as more and popularity of social networking. Besides Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing also cooperates with Twitter and Facebook to provide search results and update the status of short messages in a different way. Information from the network became very valuable because it gives a message about what the latest talk about Internet users in real time.

Hopefully Google's latest service called Google Real Time, can be useful and beneficial for all of us. Google has been trying and do the utmost to always be the number one. It seems that it deserved to get Google. Good for Google, which has contributed its services in this Internet.
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