Yamaha Bison

Motor produksi Yamaha Terbaru tahun 2010 ini, yang bernama Yamaha Bison merupakan salah satu Motor yang paling banyak diminati orang. Memang motor ini sangat menarik, dilihat dari performa maupun dari Spesifikasinya. Harga Yamaha Bison bisa dibilang cukup murah untuk ukuran Motor sekelas ini. Kita bisa memiliki Yamaha Byson ini pada bulan September 2010, dimana Yamaha Bison ini akan masuk ke Negara Indonesia tercinta ini.

Nationally, the portion of motor sport only six percent. Refers to AISI data, January to July 2010, total national sales of motor sport carrying 276 964 units or 6.43 percent of the total market, 4.3 million units.

When specified, during the January-July 2010, motor sport Yamaha Kencana Motor Indonesia (YKMI) gives the largest contribution (39.06 percent) with sales of 139 323 units. Then the motor sport Astra Honda Motor (AHM) reached 89 195 units (25 percent). On the other hand, output of motor sport Indomobil Suzuki Sport (SIS) reached 86 548 units (24.26 percent), Kawasaki 40 263 units (11.29 percent), and TVS 1381 units (0.39 percent).

Currently the national motorcycle market is still dominated by the number of ducks skutik 50.71 percent and rising, 42.87 per cent. Automatic types throughout the period January-July 2010 pocketed the sales volume of 185.1914 units. When compared with the same period last year, up 64.6 percent automatic.

Meanwhile, the total two-wheeler business segment, motorcycle still dominate the streets. For this period, its sales volume reached 1,125,222 with a growth of 29 percent compared with last year.

General Manager of Promotion and Motorsport Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Paul S. Firmanto said, although obtaining the smallest portion, the market share of motor sport in Indonesia has the potential to continue to grow. Predicted, this year the sports market share rose to 10 percent of the total market.

''When compared with last year, total sales, fell 4 percent sports. However, this year may be increased to 10 percent,''predicted Paul. In addition to its economic stability, the increase is supported by the increasing number of new motor sport that emerged in the Indonesian market.

Yamaha motor sport enough prestige sparkling with the increase in sales of 17 percent. In 2009 sports Yamaha 118 964 unit sales recorded. This year, January-July period, sales volume has reached 139 323 units.

The number is printed duo mainstay model, Vixion and Scorpio. Honda came in second place with 89 897 units (32.4 percent) and rely on Mega Pro and Tiger. In third position, Kawasaki 13 percent or 36 155 units (Ninja Series). Suzuki should be satisfied with 10 182 units through the Thunder 125.

In the scope of Yamaha, the contribution of motor sport when compared to duck and automatic reach 7 percent. ''If the total, compared to all the brands that reach 6 percent, which means Yamaha is proportional to grow,''pointed out Paul.

Paul recognized, boosting sales of motor sport is not as easy as a duck or automatic. According to him, it was associated with the mindset of people of Indonesia in a motorhome that still often identified with the duck. The reason, efficient, easy to ride, and the price is relatively cheaper.

In terms of function the same way, motor sport is more focus on the hobby so rarely used together. Sport more toward single riding. Meanwhile, a duck or automatic motor has a broader function. Start to lift the child up to bring the goods. Not infrequently, two types of motors were also used as a means of livelihood.

Plus, even a limited segment of motor sport. Most of the collected species were male. Women rarely ride the motor sport. With all the limitations that, for years the portion of motor sport mini-mini-course.

Paul says, although this year the sports segment is expected to grow, but in terms of contributions still can not compete with the ducks or automatic. Despite being targeted specific customers, most of them this is the consumer who understands the technology with the expectation of a very high motor. They are classified as highly spec motor lovers oriented.

''So, for motor sport products, Yamaha to compete in the ride comfort, performance, technology, and spec. That is the consistency of us,''said Paul.

He added, given the market share reached only 10 per cent, Yamaha do not plan to make more variants of motor sport. Only rely on the two heroes, Vixion and Scorpio, in fact quite difficult. Yamaha Bison added that launched in the near future. ''We concentrated on driving comfort,''said Paul.
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