The U.S. government criticized BlackBerry Blocking

Steps to be taken by United Arab Emirates Government to block Blacberry service criticized. Therefore, many parties are worried it will affect the visit level of foreign tourist to the area. In fact, United Arab Emirates ambition to make his country as a major business and tourism.

For your info, Dubai airport is visited approximately 100,000 people each day. This condition make Dubai as busiest airport in Middle East. The existence of blocking emails will make more businessman accelerate the time of his visit in Dubai and replace the aircraft to another destination.

In Washington, the Domestic Ministry spokesman of US PJ Crowley said , the ban was related technology is wrong policy direction. "We will make clarification with United Arab Emirates about what reasons behind the action," said Crowley, yesterday.

Just a reminder, a few days ago, Emirates government announced plans to block BlackBerry email service. The reason, existing data on BlackBerry is connected directly with computer companies overseas. This condition cause the government hard to oversee illegal activities of cyber crime or another.
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