Where am I registered to vote?

Where am I registered to vote? Am I already registered to vote in the UK? I have moved since the last presidential election and I am not sure where to update my address. Should I just go to the polling location in my new hometown? Will they let me vote? How Do I Know If I Am Register To Vote Already?

Where am I registered to vote? You need to be pre-registered where you live and your time is running out. Call your township offices or local election campaign office and find out where and how you do that. In my state when you change your address at the DMV you get a card to register to vote. You only have a couple of weeks left. Start calling around and get going.

You can also use the 'register to vote' tool in my source box to find out the rules in your state. Click on the 'register to vote' link in the right hand column.

You should be able to locate it online. If you can't go to the elections bureau or whatever. You need to re-register in your new town.

source : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080915083543AAWHDK5
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