World Series Game 3

World Series Game 3, Do you like baseball? In my country this kind of sport is not popular and never played. Baseball is a sport played by two teams and popular in North America, Latin America, Caribbean, and East Asia. In many countries, baseball is a major sport. Even it becomes national pastime. Maybe this is one type of interesting sports there.

World Series Game 3, If you are one of the baseball fans, then do not miss this event. Baseball is proud of itself for starting Game 3 of the World Series at 6 o'clock, its Earliest start for the so-called Fall Classic in 23 years.

Yes, The Texas Rangers return home for tonight's the World Series Game 3 against the San Francisco Giants. The Giants will send lefty Jonathan Sanchez to the mound against Colby Lewis for the Rangers. Sanchez has struggled with his control in his last two outings During the National League Championship Series. Which team do you support?

So, just enjoy yourself to get tonight's game as an early start for the holiday weekend. The game will from the water on FOX TV beginning at 6:57 PM ET.
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