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Watch Megamind Online Free is a 3D animated film, this animated film about a master villain who turns out to be not as nasty as he first seems? Megamind 3D animated is superhero comedy film directed by Tom McGrath and starring Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, Ben Stiller,etc. This film produced by Dreamworks Animation and Red Hour Productions.

Megamind is an engaging offshoot of the current 3D craze in Hollywood, Megamind is a super-intelligent alien who sent to Earth by his parents as his home planet is destroyed by a black hole when he was just eight days old. However, he lands in the Prison for the Criminally Gifted at Metro City, thanks to another infant alien similarly sent from a different planet who eventually becomes a superhero known as Metro Man, defender of the fictional Metro City.

Megamind played by Will Ferrell is nurtured by criminals in a jail and become accomplished and smartest villains ever. He kept trying to conquer the city of Metro in any way. However, his efforts are always thwarted by the invincible super hero that is Metro Man, played by Brad Pitt, Metro Man grows up in a family which imbibes good values in him. But eventually Megamind managed to kill Metro Man. This was not made Megamind happy, but quite the opposite, Megamind suffer because of his life felt empty. He realizes that his life's ambition is to reach the worst thing that ever happened to him.

Megamind feel hollow if it becomes a criminal life with no heroes savior. No strong feeling emptiness in his life, Megamind eventually create a new hero named "Titan" stronger and bigger than Metro Man. But apparently "Titan" is not as expected, Titan is more like a villain and he does not just want to conquer the world, but also wanted to destroy its creator, Megamind. Is Megamind can be defeated by the "Titan" result creations?
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