Eva Luna Capitulo 56 57

Eva Luna Capitulo telenovela is a show that is no less interesting with other telenovela like Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo. and Eva Luna, including the popular telenovela in Latin America this telenovela starring Guy Ecker (Daniel Villanueva) and Blanca Soto (Eva Gonzales), produced in HD by Venevision Productions and Univision Studios.

Eva Luna telenovela tells the story of modern romance and stained with revenge and suspense. Eva Luna telenovela tells the story of a life story of a beautiful young woman but lived in simplicity and living in Southern California, she was named Eva Gonzalez. Eva as a young woman with limited education, trying to find her luck in Los Angeles and had to face life full of temptation and intrigue.

Eva Luna is a picture of life which is common in every immigrant, which must face the difficulty in finding a job, because it does not have an adequate education.

In Eva Luna 52 53 54 55 has been told that Eva Gonzalez (Blanca Soto) asked for help from Leonardo (Julian Gil) to join testify in a lawsuit against Daniel (Guy Ecker), and Leonardo apparently had other plans against Eva. When Daniel came and met with Leonardo, Leonardo told Daniel that Eva is his lover, of course this is the ire of Daniel.

¿Qué va a pasar a la siguiente de Eva? ¿Cómo es la continuación del caso de Daniel? No se pierda, consulte la siguiente historia de Eva Luna Capitulo 56 57!
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