Dream High Episode 15 Eng Sub

Dream High is a Korean drama series are quite popular, because Dream High is the story of young people who have high dreams, as appropriate youthful turmoil. Many viewers "Dream High" has been waiting for the continuation of the drama major ones. Dream High Episode 15 Eng Sub will immediately we saw on February 22, 2011. Romantic comedy drama, Watch Dream High (드림 하이) Episode 15 aired on Tuesdays 21:55.

In the episode of Dream High, tells the story of six students at Girin High School Art Work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars. There is friendship, there is a love story, as well as competition among them. Each wants to be the most popular and became an idol star. In friendship, sometimes appear a sense of love, and because love sometimes appear to have competition for a loved one. The story of serial Dream High, in addition to competition in pursuit of their dream to be a Korean idol star, as well as competition in finding love. Not only that, the dancing and singing in the Dream High adds more interesting story.

Dream High Episode 15 Eng Sub, a summary of the story, the father of Go Hye Mi (Bae Su Ji) has come home, after a year long leave Hye Mi. Hye-Mi is a beautiful girl and good at keeping quiet feeling. The father tried to persuade Hye Mi to go with him to shaft to learn music. Hye Mi still confused to choose between music and opera. When Sam Dong Song (Soo-Hyun Kim) and Jin Dong Gook (Taecyeon) knew that Hye-Mi may be invited his father to the United States, they are very sad and heavy heart to part from Hye-Mi, Mi Hye as well. Hye-Mi is like Sam Dong, but on the other hand Jin Dong Gook likes Hye Mi. Jin Dong Gook as a childhood friend who also loves Hye Mi, but Yoon Hee Jin Baek hated Hye Mi, since Yoon Hee Jin Baek was falling in love with Hye Mi. Yes, there is a triangle love story between them.

How Dream High full story? Please see the Dream High Episode 15 which will be aired on Tuesday night, and do not miss to watch the Dream High Episode 16 and Dream High Episode Special to be aired next!
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