Young Justice Episode 6

The loyal readers of the comic series Young Justice, must already know about the background of the television series Young Justice figures. Well, for fans of Young Justice series that has been waiting for the continuation of a superhero adventure, it will soon see the next story on Young Justice 6 "infiltrators" will air February 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network and will feature new characters, namely Artemis, who received a special mission to protect a young scientist from the threat of an enemy that will endanger the safety of these scientists.

The enemy that must be faced is the League of Shadows who possess the strength that is hard to beat. Of course, in this dangerous mission that Artemis must be able to know the weaknesses of the enemy and using a good strategy to succeed in that mission. Artemis is one of Green Arrow's nephew who wants to join the Young Justice to uphold justice and defend the truth. Artimis with Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Mars, is Young Justice, a new team of teen super heroes.

Superhero would always be expected to succeed in its mission and able to fight the enemy, even if the enemy had to face a strong and resilient. It is very important as evidence that as a superhero.

Well, tells the story of a superhero, what about Young Justice? And whether Artemis successfully carrying out its mission of this challenging? Do not forget, watch the story of adventure in Young Justice Episode 6! Congratulations to watch Young Justice 6! What do you think about the story of Young Justice 6 "infiltrators"?
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