Super Bowl 2011 Streaming Online

American football finals to compete for Cup Vince Lombardi highly anticipated regular sports fans and held at the end of the NFL season in the United States, namely the Super Bowl. Cup name is taken from the name of Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers coach who won consecutive Super Bowl in the first two games. As McDonough, the Super Bowl has an appeal that transcends other sports and even entered the commercial world.

At the Super Bowl XLV yesterday was a record-breaking terms of number of spectators, as it can attract about 111 million viewers, meaning that already beat the record last year which only attracted audience 106.5 million viewers. So Pat McDonough of The Nielsen Co. said that the Super Bowls XLV has closed what was seen as the most successful season of any sports league has ever held.

At this time the Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers turned out to audiences not only dominated by men, but also from among housewives. According to The Nielsen Co. Super Bowl XLV aired on Fox yesterday watched by 53.3 million housewives in the United States.

Super Bowl is one of the most popular television shows and many watched in the United States, automatically became seizure advertisers, even if recording should spend millions of dollars to advertise during the game. Watching the Super Bowl while enjoying the performances of famous musicians and singers, of course very exciting. You can watch directly in the field, through television, or the Super Bowl 2011 Streaming Online.
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