Tim Hetherington In Memories

Peace is very expensive in the world, even be redeemed with life. War is suffering and is a hell on earth, where sorrow, suffering, misery, resistance, struggle, death and everything that was terrible. Innocent people have to bear the suffering and pain of the parties concerned.

The news of the Libyan war, as reported by The New York Times that, British photojournalist, documentary film director and photographer, Tim Hetherington was killed while covering the fighting in Libya, on Wednesday. On the fateful day, Tim as one of the reporters who covered the battlefield, Tim was in the location of the conflict between troops hadaffi and rebels Libyan. Their deaths were caused by explosions from rocket-propelled grenades, in the City of Misrata, Wednesday, April 20, 2011.

According to news agency Associated Press, other than Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros (USA) have also been killed on the battlefield, and there are several other journalists were injured. Hetherington who experienced severe bleeding on his leg from grenade fragments. He tried to get help to be saved, but God willed the other, his life could not be saved, Tim last breath 15 minutes after reaching the emergency post.

Tim (1970) are increasingly popular after the film documentary directed with Sebastian Junger (American journalist), "Restrepo" Oscar nominated in 2010. The film is appointed based on their experience when they were together in the task of the journalist to a year in Afganishtan. Among the accomplishments and awards he won, Tim managed to win the World Press Photo of the Year 2007.

Teams other than a photographer persistent, courageous, reliable as well as a film maker who is very creative and talented, like quote an interview James Goldston from ABC News to The Hollywood says, "Tim is one of the photographers and filmmakers who dare I have ever known."

I do not know who should be responsible for these events, where witnesses said the fighting in Misrata very gruesome and gripping and every person struggling to find a safe haven, so it can not pay attention to events that happen around them clearly. Everything was going on, hopefully no more casualties and war can be stopped, along with the other teams that have fallen in the noble task may become a hero who always remembered, our prayers prayed for them, may they be accepted in the Lord and get the best locations in God's side. Tim Hetherington In Memories.
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