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Breaking news as well as embarrassing of sexy models, Kris Humphries, NBA star girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, where the pictures are less polite than Kim Kardashian, has been circulating in the magazine. Kim Kardashian is shocked and angry to see the hot photos widened with W magazine cover and her body covered only with thin silver paint. As Kim said "I was naked, but fully covered in silver paint.

Although Kim has been frequently performed with hot pose in the magazine, but this time Kim really felt embarrassed and disappointed with the appearance of Kim Kardashian Pictures on W Magazine This also has made a surprised and disappointed his fans, many fans of Kim's expression of disappointment expressed on twitter.

Kim was very sad and regretted this incident because Kim herself did not think the picture is going to be like that, and she thinks it is not in accordance with the approved agreement between Kim Kardashian with the magazine. Overall concept''proposed to me is there will be no part is visible. I feel so manipulated, added Kim. "Upon Kim's objection on the part of the magazine featuring a picture of herself, the editor of the magazine agreed to cover the sensitive area of Kim with a reason to preserve the ethical propriety.

Behind all the sexy appearance, the other side of reality television star, Kim Kardashian, Kim is the son of Robert Kardashian, a lawyer and Kris Jenner. Kim Kardashian also is a person who likes to charitable and social activities, one of them as reported by Contact Music, Kim Kardashian set aside 10% of total revenues to help fund construction of the mother church, located in Calabasas, California. Habit in social activities undertaken Kim, according to Kim Kardashian, since childhood, her mother always taught her to always care for others, so that Kim Kardashian was used to help others since childhood. Kim also is a businesswoman, so do not be surprised if Kim Kardashian wallowing in wealth and filled with luxury goods.
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